An Ardmore man was taken into custody by Davis police last week for allegedly trafficking around 211 grams of meth.

Davis Chief of Police Danny Cooper said an officer accompanied by a K-9 conducted a routine traffic stop on a vehicle that had a couple of broken rear brake lights and that had made two illegal lane changes on Dec. 12.

After a K-9 alert on the vehicle, the responding officer allegedly located over seven ounces, or 211 grams, of meth, a small amount of marijuana, a loaded firearm with an altered serial number, digital scales, paraphernalia and $1,115 cash in the driver’s possession.

The driver, 50-year-old David Allen Blann, was taken into custody and is facing Murray County charges for aggravated drug trafficking of methamphetamine and possession of a firearm after conviction or during probation.

Cooper said an aggravated drug trafficking offense is rare for the area and is considered more serious than a typical drug trafficking offense due to the large quantity of what is considered a controlled dangerous substance.

“That’s the first one we’ve had this year,” Cooper said. “Usually you may get maybe two or three grams, but very, very rarely you get one that’s 211 (grams), for what we think was casual use.”

Cooper said officers believe the vehicle Blann was driving may have also been stolen from a dealership in Shawnee, but are still investigating.

“The tag that was on the vehicle was a dealer’s tag, a hard dealer’s tag that actually belonged to the dealership, not the paper tag that you get when you buy the car,” Cooper said. “I’m pretty sure that that’s stolen.”

According to Murray County court documents, Blann’s bond is set at $100,000 and a preliminary hearing conference is set for Jan. 2, 2020.