Anyone looking to get a jump on new year’s resolutions of getting healthier or becoming more active need look no further than Lake Murray State Park on New Year's Day. The lake will be participating in a state-wide program known as First Day Hikes. Guided hikes will take place at state parks all across Oklahoma. The hike at Lake Murray starts at 11 a.m. at the Nature Center at Tucker Tower.

Park Manager Richard Keithley said the hike will be an easy-to-moderate level 1.5 mile trek.

“After everyone meets up at the Nature Center, the hike will last for about an hour,” Keithley said. “The walk will stay relatively close to the Nature Center itself and stay on the Nature Center Loop.”

The trail will be suitable for all ages, and pets on leashes will be permitted. Hikers are asked to dress appropriately for the weather by wearing the right clothes and shoes. They may also bring along water bottles, cameras and binoculars to get a closer look at any wildlife that might make an appearance along the route.

Keithley said before becoming a state program, the First Day Hikes started out nation-wide.

“When it first started out it was actually a national program,” Keithley said. “I was actually working at Texoma State Park and we did it there as well. I know we’ve been participating at Lake Murray since at least 2012 when I came to the park.”

For those traveling to other parts of the state for New Year’s Day but would still like to participate in a guided hike, a complete list of all of the parks participating can be found at

The hike at Lake Murray may be cancelled due to inclement weather. If conditions seem iffy contact the park office at 580-223-444 for cancellation information.