Savannah Elizabeth (Helm) Caldwell (27) passed away Monday, Nov. 25, 2019 at Fort Belvior Community Hospital in northern Virginia. Savannah was born on Aug. 11, 1992 in Ridgecrest, Calif., to Lee Helm and Veronica Davis. At 10 years old, Savannah moved with her father to Mannsville. She attended school and graduated from Dickson High school in 2010. There, she played softball and sang in the choir. When she was 16 she met her future husband, Joshua Caldwell, in school, knowing then and there the two would be together. Savannah was a person who knew what she wanted and was motivated to achieve her dreams. She was dedicated and loyal to those who mattered the most to her. Savannah and Josh married on Dec. 28, 2009, forming a union that would last almost 10 years, although Savannah would insist it was 11; that year before counts too.

With Josh enlisted in the Air Force, the couple moved often. From Spokane, Wash., where their daughter Addalyn (9) was born, to Wichita Falls, Texas, where their son Benjamin (2) was born, to Spain for a couple years, and then to Washington D.C., Savannah has seen it all. From the West Coast to East Coast, to Europe and back, she’s experienced a life others have dreamt of. In the meantime, she graduated from cosmetology school, learned to crochet, earned her associate’s degree, raised gardens, learned to knit and sew and was in her senior year at Kansas State University, pursuing a degree in dietetics. She was also an amazing cook and enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. She ran obstacle courses, several runs, and participated in local fitness groups. She flourished most when surrounded by positive and equally goal-driven people, and she brightened the days of everyone she met. When her daughter’s Girl Scout troop needed it, Savannah became a troop leader, and she was a natural.

In her time here on Earth, Savannah lived life to the fullest and ensured her family did the same. She planned trips regularly and loved new experiences. She was a strong woman, liked her coffee strong and kept her little family strong. Savannah was so much more than a homemaker; she made our lives and hearts full. She was unafraid of commitment, and she was the real deal. What you saw is what you got, and of course, Savannah valued other authentic people, experiences, and things. She collected memoirs from all the locations she’s been, so her family’s home would be full of memories. Savannah has countless pictures, photographed her children’s lives, and scrapbooked. She loved crafts and, besides telling you, would demonstrate her affection with hand-made hats, blankets, collages, paintings and more.

Savannah was quirky, would only hold hands with Josh a certain way, felt strongly about establishing traditions and keeping to them, and had strong long-lasting friendships. She enjoyed puzzles, romantic movies, cooking (most of the time), ice cream and puns, which seemed to be the highest form of humor. Her children meant the world to her and so did her marriage. The couple never went to bed angry since Savannah would not allow it; “Always kiss me good night,” as the sign read over their bed. Savannah could quite literally do it all, and her husband and children loved her more than anything and told her multiple times each day. And they’ll continue to cherish her forever.

Savannah is survived by her husband, Josh; her children, Addalyn and Benjamin; her mom and dad, Veronica and Lee, sisters and brothers and several other family members along with a host of friends. Services to honor Savannah will be 3 p.m on Dec. 17, 2019 at the Harper and Copper Rooms located at 119 A St. NE in Ardmore, OK. The family asks that everyone attend and help celebrate Savannah’s life.