Sean Dallas Ross

Sean Dallas Ross

Sean Dallas Ross was born Jan. 11, 1983, to Travis and Sharon Ross at 6:30 in the morning in Dallas. He passed away from this life after a short battle with lung cancer at the age of 37 at 2:20 p.m. on Saturday, June 13, 2020, in Ardmore. He was preceded in death by his father, Travis Ross, and a brother, William (Billy) Ross. He and Kerry Amanda Michelle Harris began dating in July 2013 and were married on July 4, 2018. He is survived by his wife, Kerry Amanda Ross, of the home; a son, Cayden Ross of Denton; step son, Christian Hammons and step daughter, Sky Steen; his mother, Sharon Ross of Muskegon, Mich.; a brother and his wife, Kevin and Jennifer Ross; and brothers, Nicholas Ross and Tommy Ross. 

Sean was a carefree fun-loving person with a heart of gold. He loved his dogs and they loved him. His favorite color was blue. He loved to fish. He loved music. He loved to sing. He liked to grow fruits and vegetables. He loved to cook. He enjoyed drawing, tinkering with electronics and making things like tables and chairs. Sean was way into fire and explosions. We got married on the Fourth of July just so he would remember our anniversary. Lol! He was a friend to the friendless. He would do what he could when he could whenever there was a need. He was a hard worker, friendly, kind and helpful. He was my McGuyver. He could “fix” anything. He was a firm believer in duct tape and W-D 40. He said it could fix anything. Sean’s motto was “if it don’t fit, force it.”

Sean was a focus on the future, keep moving forward type of person. He would make sure I never went to bed angry and he was big on not holding grudges. He would kiss me every time he left the house with big hugs when he got home. He would say leave the past in the past and let tomorrow worry about itself. I admired how he could never worry about anything. I was such a worrier. 

Sean lived life in high gear, peddle to the medal. He was fearless and always into something. He was bluntly honest, sometimes offending people with no malicious intent on his part. He was just down to earth and genuine. He was a terrible liar. I loved that about him. Lol He kept me on my toes. There was never a dull moment. He was clumsy. It was so cute. He was thoughtful and funny. He would pick me wildflowers and tie them up with fishing line. He was a scavenger. He was always finding things outside. He found me an anklet at the lake a few years ago. I’m still wearing it. He loved to see me smile. 

We were so compatible it was like we were made for each other. We were soul mates. I started calling him “my squishy” from Finding Nemo. It stuck. He called me his squishy. He was my best friend. He was one of a kind. We had been through the thickest of the thick and the thinnest of the thin over the last 7 years. Everything that should have split us apart we overcame and just got closer. The last 2 years it was more peaceful. We were settling into our lives. We just can’t see the future and God has other plans. I love you Sean Dallas Ross more than words can express and that man, I can say without a single doubt, loved me just the same. In his words “always and forever.” I love you my sweetheart, always and forever. 

Published on June 21, 2020