LONE GROVE – One way that first-year Lone Grove football coach Trey Owens has attempted to create team unity is through the use of social media.

Every time that Owens posts a tweet onto his Twitter account for his Longhorns to view, he always includes the hashtag #BEEF.  





Writing those four words is one way the first-year coach is motivating his Longhorns who seek to build off last year’s record season, which included an appearance in the state semifinals — a program first.

“It kind of fits with the Longhorns and our philosophy that I want, which that it’s going to take all of us, all of the time,” Owens said. “We’re going to be playing for each other. We’re going to fight no matter what.”

Preparation for what Lone Grove hopes is another successful season has been underway for a few weeks. Summer Pride workouts are in full swing. So is learning a new offense.

The Longhorns are switching from an up-tempo spread under previous coach Jeremy Turner to the zone power counter under Owens.

“Our offense is going to be really simple, but has a lot of words with the plays,” Owens said. “I’m trying to overwhelm them and try to get them to think a lot. We’ll take the pieces away and then they’ll realize that it’s simple.”

Acclimating themselves to the terminology of the zone power counter has required high attention to detail amongst the Longhorns.

“It’s definitely a lot,” Lone Grove senior wide receiver Landon Lee said. “He threw a lot at us. But we can take a lot. We’re all just trying to learn right now.”

Lone Grove senior quarterback Garrett Lemons echoed Lee’s sentiments.

Lemons appreciates how much all of the little details matter to Owens — sprinting everywhere and never walking, being coachable and keeping your eyes on the coaches whenever they are talking.

“The little things add up to the big things,” Lemons said. “We’ve all bought into that. Like I said, we’re just thrilled to have him here. He’s great. The team chemistry is great.”

Positive gains have also been made in the weight room. Many Lone Grove players have increased their total weight on lifts by several pounds each week.

“It’s awesome,” Lemons said. “To see where we were the first week of summer pride just lifting and then to see where we are now, there have been so many guys that have increased their strength and adding more weight each week. It’s awesome to be a part of.”

Owens is also trying to close on a house after the Davis spent spent last season as an assistant on the coaching staff at Midlothian High School (Texas), which is coached by former Ardmore head coach Doug Wendell.

“My head is still spinning,” Owens said. “We’re trying to get a house bought. Hopefully we’ll get a house bought. Hopefully we’ll move into that right before football. It hasn’t slowed down one bit.”