Jermaine Scallion listened to the correct people.

In middle school, he played football for fun. Now, it’s a serious subject for him, he said.

“It’s more than a game now,” he said. “People just said I was really good and that I had talent.”

He’s put in the work to convince his coaches that, when Plainview opts for a passing formation, he can be a playmaker.

A play that began with six seconds until halftime, Scallion and quarterback Kobe Brewster connected on a 39-yard touchdown pass to put Plainview ahead for good.

The Indians scored five consecutive touchdowns as they earned a 35-13 win Friday at Plainview Stadium, spoiling Broken Bow coach Tim Holt’s return to Carter County.

“It was pretty electrifying,” Scallion said. “I got pretty pumped up when I caught it and knew I was about to score. They didn’t guard me at all for some reason.”

It was a busted coverage.

“We were supposed to be in a man under, halves coverage over the top,” Holt said. “The guy that’s covering (Scallion) busted it. That’s part of this too. Part of us getting better is everybody’s got to learn to do what they’re supposed to. You’re not going to beat a pretty good football team unless you do what you’re supposed to.”

Clock management made it possible.

We let the clock run down and then we took a timeout,” Plainview coach Joe Price said. “If we didn’t get the first down right there, they’d only have 15 seconds.

“We called it on the sideline: If we get a first down, we’re going to spike the ball. Then, we’re going to call another play, get back on the ball and get ready to go. It was just one of those deals where everything worked out exactly like you wanted it to.”

The Indians’ offensive line cleared the way for their teammates to run for 283 yards on 40 carries. Predominantly comprised of — from left tackle to right tackle — Brett Henry, Taylor Johnson, Bracken Campbell, Jon Wright and Daren Benham, the unit helped Plainview spoil Holt’s return.

A Class of 1977 Ardmore High School graduate, Holt returned to Carter County for the first time as a head coach. His brother, Dearl, is an alumnus from the Class of 1971. After Tim addressed his players, he climbed into the visitors’ bleachers on the southside of the stadium, where he embraced his junior-high coach at Ardmore, Barry Lawrence, who played at and graduated from Broken Bow.

“He had a surgery to save his legs last week,” Holt said. “He found a way to be out here and watch this game.

“It’s important to do well when you come back home, but, more importantly, it’s about these kids and they didn’t play as well as they could play, and that’s my responsibility.”

Defensively, with Plainview leading 20-7 in the third quarter, Spencer Somerville made a touchdown-saving tackle, tripping up Reece Watson after a 16-yard gain. Six plays later, after Broken Bow got flagged for a chop block and Benham recorded a tackle-for-loss, the visitors punted.

Plainview drove 87 yards for a score, a drive that sliced 5:57 off the clock and culminated with Lane Ross’ 3-yard touchdown reception from Brewster.

The two connected for the two-point conversion; Plainview led 28-7.

Somerville jumped a route to intercept a pass the first play of the final quarter.

Justin Anderson added a 12-yard touchdown reception from Somerville with 4:30 remaining.

Broken Bow’s Neal scored a touchdown with four seconds remaining. Plainview’s defense forced an incompletion on the conversion attempt.

Scallion’s emergence gives Brewster another skill player to consider, joining Justin Anderson, Parker Foster, Zane Hudson, Paul, Lane Ross and Brett Woods.

“It’s a great way to start the school year,” Price said. “We get everything started off on the right foot. It’s a Zero Week game. Normally, you’d be scrimmaging this week, so there’s some little kinks we’ve still got to work out.

“The kids came out and played really hard. Broken Bow played well, so it was a good win all the way around. We’ve got a lot of stuff to build on.”