The Class 3A No. 6 Davis Lady Wolves defeat Stonewall, ranked No. 5 in Class A, 7-4 on Aug. 29.

DAVIS — Courtney Miller did not want to come out of the game.

After she stole second base in the second inning, she required attention, lying near the base because she arrived there awkwardly. She exited the game; Jolie Grinstead served as the pinch runner. 

When Davis took the field defensively for the top of the third inning, Miller returned to her position at third base.

She also dropped down the safety squeeze, which drove in the decisive run in support of senior pitcher Macie Buckaloo, who competed at 80 percent, coach Jeff Parnell estimated, in Davis’ 7-4 win against Stonewall Monday at Davis Sports Complex.

“Just push through it,” Miller said. “I thought he (Parnell) was going to take me out, and I was like, ‘No, I’m going in. I’m fine. I’ll push through it.’”

Right after school ended, Miller underwent knee surgery.

“I still can’t bend my knee all the way, so every time I fall on it or bend it, it hurts, to be honest,” Miller said.

Buckaloo — who had five strikeouts — is working through her own malady.

“She’s got a little bit of a hip flexor (issue),” Parnell said. “She might have a slight tear. She pitched good enough today. I thought she pitched great for being at about 80 percent.”

Davis tied the game at 1 in the bottom of the first as Joden Snyder’s RBI groundout drove in Jolie Romine, who broke for home around the time the Lady Longhorns’ first baseman tagged Snyder. Romine led off the inning with a double.

Dylen Johnson added an RBI double, driving in Sydney Martin, who walked.

In the next half-inning, Buckaloo allowed a solo home run, tying the game at 2.

Davis (13-1) scored four of the next five runs. Lynsey Martin and Alexis Ball walked in the bottom of the fourth. Martin advanced to third on an errant pitch — and scored on Miller’s safety squeeze.

Romine followed with a two-run single, which extended the Class 3A No. 6 Lady Wolves’ lead to 7-3.

“It felt good,” Miller said. “He (Parnell) told me to bunt it to first. I didn’t get it down, but as long as I got it down, I felt OK.”

Parnell said his team spends 20 minutes a week working on squeeze plays.

“I guess finally it paid off,” Parnell said. “Those girls, being able to put it into a game situation, that makes us better and (more) ready for the playoffs.”