FAIRLAND — After winning their first two district games, Fairland now has suffered back-to-back losses, including a 42-7 loss to Barnsdall here Thursday night.

“It was not a 42-7 game like you would think,” Fairland head coach Kent Marshall said. “It was

just always them getting some type of a long pass or an interception or a fumble or something that always led to something.

“They were opportunistic.”

The Owls now are 2-6 overall. Barnsdall 5-3, picked up its first District A-7 win.

Marshall said the Owls took the opening kickoff and put together a drive, but a penalty started to unravel things.

“We get ready to throw a pass. We turn somebody loose from the back side and its another sack,” Marshall said. “Next thing you know , it’s third-and-30. It ended up fourth-and-14, so we punt out and think ‘ok!’ On the first play, they step back and throw a 60-yard rainbow for a touchdown.”

Marshall said the Panthers put up two more quick touchdowns “and before we know it, it’s 21-0 in the first quarter.”

“He’s going to be a good one,” Marshall said.

Fairland hits the road for the final time Friday night, traveling to Rejoice Christian.