A walk in the park: Ardmore Parks, Lakeview Golf Course remain open

Drew Butler
All Ardmore Parks remain open and available to the community. Guests are asked to maintain social distancing as they enjoy playground equipment and hiking trails.

With gyms and fitness centers temporarily closed to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the options for physical activity may seem limited. But all of Ardmore’s city parks continue to remain open for anyone looking to get out of the house and enjoy some exercise. Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin encourages the community to come out for a visit and enjoy the nice weather.

“All of our city parks are still open,” Ervin said. “We think it’s important that our citizens have the opportunity to get outside and get some exercise while they enjoy this nice weather that we’re having. We just ask that people follow the advice of health officials by maintaining social distancing and not creating crowds.”

Ervin said the trails at Regional Park have been especially popular recently. And everyone has kept their distance from one another.

Aiden Rushing, ret. U.S. Coast Guard, enjoyed his visit to Regional Park on Tuesday.

“It was a beautiful day today,” Rushing said. “We’ve been going to Regional Park because they have nice paved trails, and there’s plenty of space to practice social distancing while getting some exercise.”

Eddie Dill, a sophomore at Dickson High School, is utilizing the park to maintain his exercise regimen while the gyms are closed.

“I started going to the gym regularly a year ago,” Dill said. “Now they’re all closed, but I don’t want to lose the progress that I’d made. Running and walking at the park doesn’t require equipment or anything.”

Ervin said Lakeview Golf Course is also remaining open but it is no longer allowing tournaments or large groups of people.

“We want you to be able to get outside and enjoy yourself, so small groups or couples are welcome to come out and play,” Ervin said. “You can also request a golf cart for a single rider which is not normally our rule, but we want to make that option available.”