Room to grow

Drew Butler

2019 was another busy year for construction in Ardmore with the total amount spent exceeding $59.2 million. While the total includes commercial buildings and renovation projects, a significant amount was spent on new housing. New homes, townhouses and apartments are coming up all over the city, and multiple new projects are likely to begin in 2020.

One of the largest housing projects of 2019 was the 82-unit Shady Acres apartment complex located on Monroe Avenue. Community Development Director Jessica Scott said her department issued the certificate of occupancy for the final building in the facility last week. Tenants have been moving in gradually as each building was completed, and now the entire complex is ready to go.

With Shady Acres completed, another new apartment complex called The Preserve is expected to begin construction in the near future. The Preserve will contain approximately 119 units and be located on the corner of Veterans Boulevard and Mt. Washington. In addition to these two facilities, Scott said even more new apartments will likely be announced in the near future.

“There is probably going to be an additional set of apartments going up in the northwest,” Scott said. “We’ve also had an increased interest in the northwest for new senior housing projects. As long as things continue to move forward, I think we'll be seeing some new condos for seniors coming up soon.”

In addition to the apartment projects, Scott said there are also currently 32 new single-family homes being built in the city. Scott said the majority of these homes are being built on vacant lots located inside existing subdivisions.

“They are in places where the infrastructure is already in place and most of the development is already in place,” Scott said. “We always have a steady stream of single family residential going up and filling in those vacant lots.”

Scott said she expects housing construction to remain strong in the coming year, with new apartments, townhouses — and potentially one or more new subdivisions — likely to be announced in the near future.

“I would anticipate that 2020 will either equal or exceed the construction from 2019, and we did a lot last year,” Scott said. “We have a lot of requests coming in, and I think you’ll see a new housing development or two, new senior housing, and another large apartment complex.”