Davis police apprehend woman for alleged drug trafficking

Sierra Rains

A Duncan woman was apprehended for allegedly trafficking 29 grams of methamphetamine following a routine traffic stop in Davis.

According to an incident report from the Davis Police Department, an officer initiated a stop on a vehicle that appeared to be traveling above the speed limit on Main St. and 7th St. and had an out of date tag at around 8:27 p.m. Jan. 30.

The officer reportedly ran the driver, 31-year-old Cecelia Hampton’s, drivers license number through dispatch and discovered that she had a full extradition warrant out of Grady County for failure to appear for possession of CDS.

Hampton was taken into custody and officers reportedly planned to impound her vehicle. While taking inventory of the vehicle, the officer reportedly discovered a blue beanie in the glove box with something inside of it.

“I picked it up and could feel something inside of it,” the officer wrote in the incident report. “I looked inside the beanie and saw a piece of a (discount store) plastic bag that felt like it contained a decent amount of crystal substance.”

Hampton reportedly told officers that the substance, which she said was meth, belonged to her. A white metal pipe, a piece of light bulb that had residue on it, a gray metal pipe and two broken glass pipes were also allegedly located in the vehicle.

After returning to the police department, officers reported that the substance tested positive for meth and weighed around 29 grams.

Hampton is currently facing a felony charge for trafficking methamphetamine and a misdemeanor charge for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia in addition to her previous Grady County warrants.

Hampton’s bond is set at $25,000 and a preliminary conference is scheduled for March 12.