Winter is coming

Drew Butler

Southern Oklahoma has been experiencing a mild winter, but that will be changing today. Temperatures are already dropping and will be bottoming out in the low 20s by the early hours of tomorrow morning. The front will also be producing a significant amount of precipitation, and the Ardmore area is forecast to receive between two and seven inches of snow.

Alex Zwink, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman, said the area will experience two rounds of precipitation. The first will begin later this afternoon and include rain with the potential of thunder. The second will almost certainly be freezing precipitation that begins in the early hours of Wednesday morning and will last for most the day.

“There’s going to be a transition zone, especially around Ardmore,” Zwink said. “You might see some sleet and even a little freezing rain before switching over to snow. The sleet will start in the very early hours — between midnight and 6 a.m. — before switching over to snow. After all that transition it will mostly be snow and we’re expecting it to last through Wednesday.”

Zwink said the Ardmore area will likely receive between two and seven inches of snow. He said the majority of the snow will be coming through in tight bands, and he expects a wide range of snowfall totals in a small geographic area.

“The band of the stronger snow has been oscillating so much that it’s highly variable,” Zwink said. “If you’re underneath the band, you might see up to six or seven inches. If your not in the band, you might only get two to three inches. If you go 20 miles north or south, they might have all the snow and you might not have very much, but it could just as easily be the other way around.”

Zwink said daytime temperatures Wednesday will depend upon the amount of snow.

“If you don’t get much snow or it’s patchy, temperatures will probably be in the upper 30s,” Zwink said. “If there’s a good amount of snow and there’s enough snow package it will keep the temperatures down in the lower to mid 30s.”

Zwink said all the precipitation will be finished by Wednesday night. Clear skies will return on Thursday with a high temperature in the low 40s. Daytime highs will continue to rise for the rest of the week.