Sticking with the plan

Drew Butler

If weather forecasts prove to be accurate, Ardmore and the surrounding area should be blanketed with snow with more falling throughout the day. In order to be ready when winter weather hits, the city is always monitoring the weather, and as winter storms become increasingly likely their watchful eye intensifies.

City Manager J.D. Spohn said representatives from the departments most affected gathered Tuesday morning to listen in on a conference call hosted by the National Weather Service. Members of the city’s police, fire and street departments were all there to hear the latest news.

In order for critical emergency services to be able to function, the city’s streets must be passable, and on days like today, the street department works round the clock sanding streets and intersections.

“Usually we work a 12-hour shift,” Olive said Tuesday afternoon. “Right now we’ve got a night crew all ready to come in at 11 (p.m.). Those guys will work until 7 in the morning, then the day crew will come in and they’ll stay until 7 in the evening.”

Olive said the city’s trucks were all set by the end of the typical work-day on Tuesday.

“We’ve got everything ready today,” Don Olive, Engineering & Street Department supervisor, said. “We’ve got our sanders put on our trucks and everything is checked out. They’re loaded up and ready to go. We’ve got them in the shop waiting on this mess to come in.”

Olive said the state is responsible for taking care of the bridges and overpasses in and around the city during winter storms, the street department maintains other roads.

“We focus on all of the main thoroughfares, and we’ll take care of all of the intersections down Commerce and Broadway,” Olive said. “We have routes that we’ve put together, and each truck will be on its own route. We’ll be working off those route sheets all night and during the day tomorrow.”