Going up

Drew Butler
The Water Wars element at The Clubhouse is 95% finished. Other areas almost complete include the miniature golf course, the zip line, the challenge course, and the go-kart course.

In spite of the recent rain and snowfall, construction at The Clubhouse remains on track and it should be opening early this summer. Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin updated the Ardmore Regional Park Authority on how things are coming along at the new family fun center during their meeting Monday afternoon.

“It’s going really well even with all the weather we’ve been having,” Ervin said. “There are a lot of elements are already at 100%.”

The zip line and all of the adventure courses are now complete, and Ervin said crews are now working to install electric to all of the zip line towers. Also complete are all 18 of the miniature golf course holes and the course’s water feature.

Features that are close to completion include Water Wars, which Ervin said was about 95% complete, the tree houses, and the go-kart track.

“The go-kart track is probably 80% done,” Ervin said. “Michelin came are really helped us out by donating all the tires that we’ll need for it, and that’s almost 600 tires. They’re not up yet, but we’ve got them and they’re ready to go.”

Ervin said the shop building for the go-karts will likely be finished by the end of the week, and she said work on The Clubhouse building itself is also coming along well.

“All the trusses and things are there, and the roof is now completely on,” Ervin said. “Once we get the walls completely up, then we can get inside and really start working regardless of what the weather is doing.”

Ervin said even though the walls on The Clubhouse are not on all of the different areas inside the building are marked out and it’s easier now to get a complete mental image of how everything will look once construction is complete.

Ervin said the city is now looking for a manager for The Clubhouse, and they have received dozens of applicants so far. They will also soon be hiring additional staff for the facility and plan to have a staff training session in early May.