Sniffing out love: Around 66 animals at Ardmore shelter find homes during Valentine’s Day weekend

Sierra Rains

Several furry companions looking for love found their new forever homes over Valentine’s Day weekend.

Approximately 55 cats and dogs were adopted from the Ardmore Animal Shelter on Feb. 14 and 11 more dogs were taken home after the shelter’s “Find Your Love” adoption event on Feb. 15.

Amanda Dinwiddie, a supervisor at the animal shelter, said they normally don’t take out more than five or six dogs at off-site adoption events. “It’s a good day if we adopt out all five dogs and that’s going to only be if they’re tiny, small puppies.”

However, within 46 minutes of being at the Carter County Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership, four dogs had already found new homes. New dogs were continuously brought to the event until it’s conclusion at 2 p.m.

Those who were featured at the adoption event on Saturday were some of the shelter’s longest residents. A medium sized brown and white dog named Robby had been at the shelter since Nov. 11.

“His owner could not take care of him anymore because he was actually originally adopted from the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter by a truck driver,” Dinwiddie said. Due to his rambunctious personality, Robby injured himself while the pair was traveling through Ardmore.

Dinwiddie said the truck driver stopped and asked the shelter for medical assistance and Robby had been with them ever since. “He’s pretty ready to get out of here and get some yardage and some buddies to play with,” Dinwiddie said at the adoption event.

Two other dogs shared a room and a playful romp with Robby at the event. Major, an 11-month-old Pitbull wearing a sweater was surrendered by his owner two weeks ago after they couldn’t afford to take care of him anymore.

Robby and Major’s companion, Bleeb, came into the shelter as a stray on Dec. 23 and was experiencing bits of hair loss from stress. “Getting him into a comfortable, stable environment and home would absolutely clear that up and he’ll start to grow his lovely, luxurious fur back,” Dinwiddie said.

In addition to the eight other dogs brought to the event, Robby, Major and Bleeb were all welcomed into new, loving homes by the end of the day.

While the response to adoption events often varies quite a bit, Dinwiddie said Saturday’s event was particularly successful, in part due to the free adoptions sponsored by the Carter County Dodge dealership.

“We don’t do adoption events all too often. We can’t ever guarantee what kind of outcome that we’re going to have,” Dinwiddie said. “We kind of knew that we would have a good outcome with this. This is our first time partnering with them and this is our first event with them as well. Hopefully there will be more in the future.”

While the winter months are typically slower for the shelter, Dinwiddie said breeding has not slowed down this year, creating an unusual influx of animals at the shelter. Currently, around 45 “wonderful dogs” are still up for adoption.

“This week has been a decent week, actually, for intakes—thank goodness. But we have not seen a winter so breeding season has not slowed down,” Dinwiddie said. “It has put us in bewilderment because we don’t understand, like ‘You guys are in the wrong season— you’re supposed to be holding out for a few months. This is our slow season— slow down’, which just unfortunately hasn’t happened.”