Ingredients for continued success: Community Children’s Shelter seeking donations of pots, pans

Sierra Rains
News Alert

Staff members at the Community Children’s Shelter toil in the kitchen everyday, boiling, baking and grilling nutritious meals for shelter residents on site at breakfast and dinner, as well as lunches for them to take to school.

However, the pots and pans used to prepare those meals have seen better days, said Executive Director Kaylyn Weldon-Gary. “I’m going to guess we’ve had this current set for 18 months to two years. The non-stick coating is flaking off, they’re just old and they don’t distribute heat very well. They’ve just been used a great deal over the last couple of years.”

To refresh its collection of kitchenware and store up enough to use when those wear out, Weldon-Gary said the shelter is collecting donations of pots and pans.

After initially expressing a need on Tuesday, Weldon-Gary said the shelter received a donation of stove-top pots and a cash donation of $100 to purchase new pans. However, the shelter is still in need of baking pans and casserole dishes and hopes to receive a few more pots to store for later.

“We’re going to utilize the donations that we get and hopefully have some extras to put back to save so that— because we wear out the pots and pans very quickly,” Weldon-Gary said. “So it’s nice to have some extras in storage so that when we have a need we can pull it out as we need it.”

Those taking refuge at the shelter are children under the age of 18 who are at risk due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Weldon-Gary said the shelter abides by the same national United States Department of Agriculture nutrition requirements as schools do to provide these children with the meals they need to stay healthy.

“We have a meal plan that has been approved by a nutritionist so we do the healthy meals,” Weldon-Gary said. “So those are the meals that we cook for them — lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, lots of locally sourced meats.”

Donations can be dropped off at the Children’s Shelter administration office, located at 15 Monroe St. NE in Ardmore. “We are really grateful for our supporters and we couldn’t do what we do without them,” Weldon-Gary said.