Judgment pending: Ardmore resident to appear on ’Judge Mathis’ TV program next week

Drew Butler
Phillip Capshaw

On weekday afternoons television networks across the nation broadcast numerous hearings taking place inside the “courtrooms” of TV judges. Next week Southern Oklahoma will be represented on one of these shows when Phillip Capshaw makes an appearance on “Judge Mathis.”

Capshaw said the story of how he ended up on television first began in 2016 when he lent a young man $1,700 to purchase a vehicle. Capshaw alleges the young man never paid this money back — even after Capshaw offered to let him work the debt off. Finally, Capshaw decided to file a claim in small claims court in order to get his money back.

“After about three years, I told my wife the only way I’m going to get work or money out of this guy is to take him to small claims court,” Capshaw said. “I don’t know how Judge Mathis ended up finding out about the case but I ended up getting a standard form letter from the show. Basically it said ‘we see you’ve recently filed a small claims case, and as you know even if you win your case it might take a long time for you to see your money.’”

Capshaw said by agreeing to take part in the show, both he and the defendant agreed to participate in a legal arbitration. If the judge were to rule in favor of the plaintiff, the show would pay the full judgment amount within 45 business days.

Capshaw said his episode was filmed in October and thought it was a fun experience overall.

“It was actually a great deal for both parties,” Capshaw said. “They flew both of us and our wives up to Chicago and we each even got got a small appearance fee. They paid for the judgment, airfare, hotel and we even got a meal voucher. So you’re really out no money at all and you actually get paid.”

Capshaw said he thinks his segment should make for good television. He said he’s seen Mathis’ show before, so he played things up a bit for the camera.

“I don’t know how they’re going to edit it or how it’ll all turn out, but I think it should be pretty funny,” Capshaw said. “The audience was laughing and the judge was laughing. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show, but Judge Mathis can get pretty animated.”

The show will air next Thursday, February 28. In the Ardmore area, it will show on the local Fox affiliate at noon. For those who will miss the live broadcast, the Mill Street Tavern will be hosting a special viewing that evening at 7 p.m.