Two Tishomingo residents facing charges for animal cruelty

Sierra Rains

Two Tishomingo residents are facing felony charges for animal cruelty in the form of neglect.

Theresa Juanita Ramsdale, 49, and Raymond Lee Ramsdale, 52, are accused of “willfully and cruelly” injuring two horses being kept on their property off of W. Reagan Road on or between May 19, 2019 and Feb. 4, 2020, according to Johnston County court documents.

The two horses were allegedly deprived of food, shelter and veterinary care while in the care of Theresa and Raymond Ramsdale, causing the horses to suffer. The state reportedly found probable cause that the animals had been abused in the form of neglect and filed charges for animal cruelty on Feb. 19.

Raymond Ramsdale currently has a warrant out for his arrest. Theresa Ramsdale was taken into custody and her bond is set at $25,000 with the condition that she retain counsel by March 15.

The horses are expected to be placed in the care of another individual and examined by a veterinarian, according to court documents.