High-speed pursuit through Madill, Ardmore ends in arrest

Sierra Rains
A Texas man was admitted for medical care on Saturday, Feb. 22 and will reportedly be arrested upon release, following a police pursuit from Marshall County to Love County.

Several area law enforcement agencies assisted in a high-speed pursuit with a Texas man who allegedly stole a large sum of ammunition from the Madill Atwoods store.

The pursuit was initiated at 9:16 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 22 in Madill and went through Ardmore, eventually concluding with an arrest an hour later on Interstate 35 south at mile marker 18 in Love County.

Marshall County Dispatch reportedly advised Madill Police Department Officer Dustin Atnip and Sgt. Chris Smith of an individual in a gold Honda Civic that had left the Atwoods store with the stolen ammunition, according to incident reports from the department.

Upon approaching Highway 70, Atnip reportedly observed a vehicle matching the description traveling north. Atnip got behind the vehicle and activated his emergency lights.

The driver, later identified as 50-year-old Michael Dale Moody, reportedly failed to stop for around two blocks before eventually pulling into a Subway parking lot. Sgt. Smith entered the parking lot through the south entrance and stopped in front of Moody’s vehicle to prevent him from leaving.

“The vehicle did not come to a full stop until I pulled in front of the vehicle,” Smith said in an incident report. “The driver appeared to be in a panic state and was looking in his side mirrors.”

Atnip exited his patrol vehicle and began yelling verbal commands at Moody, asking him to roll down his window. However, Moody reportedly accelerated in reverse and turned the wheel, putting the vehicle in drive and accelerating forward towards Atnip.

Atnip quickly moved out of the way and Moody managed to exit the parking lot, heading north on Highway 70. Atnip and Smith returned to their vehicles and followed Moody onto the highway, reaching speeds of around 115 to 118 mph as they continued onto Highway 177.

“Moody passed numerous vehicles by using the shoulder as well as traveling into the same lane as oncoming traffic,” Atnip said in an incident report.

Moody proceeded to travel through Mannsville and later entered Dickson, where a Dickson Police Department Officer was waiting with their emergency lights on. However, Moody did not slow down for the Dickson unit and the Dickson officer also engaged in the pursuit.

As the officers passed through Dickson they traveled west onto Highway 199 towards Ardmore at an estimated speed of 120 mph. Once they reached the intersection of Sam Noble Parkway and North Washington St., officers from the Ardmore Police Department also engaged in the pursuit.

Ardmore police reportedly set up tire deflation devices at the intersection of Highway 77 and Lodge Road. However, Moody avoided driving across the devices by turning onto I-35, according to the incident reports.

Moody led officers north towards Ardmore, eventually looping back around to head south on I-35— at which point an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper joined the Madill and Ardmore officers in the pursuit.

A Love County Deputy reportedly set up a tire deflation device at exit 21 that Moody wasn’t able to avoid. “We continued south until reaching an area between mile marker 19 and 18 where Moody’s tires began to emit a large amount of smoke,” Atnip said.

The front passenger tire on Moody’s vehicle blew half a mile north of mile marker 18, causing rubber to fly from the vehicle and the vehicle to come to a rest on the right shoulder of the roadway.

Moody reportedly exited the vehicle and Smith and an Ardmore officer ordered him to the ground. “The suspect ignores our commands at which time we both approach the suspect at gun point, continuing to give the suspect orders to get on the ground,” Smith said.

The Ardmore officer attempted to grab Moody by the arm, however, he reportedly pulled away and began to run. Moody then lost his footing and stumbled, giving Smith an opportunity to grab him and take him to the ground.

“Moody tucked his right arm under his torso and was resisting forcefully and was failing to obey commands to release his arm and stop resisting,” Atnip said, adding that the OHP trooper began administering knee strikes to Moody’s right torso while giving him commands to stop resisting.

After administering two fist strikes to Moody’s head area, two more knee strikes to his right shoulder and then two more fist strikes, the officers were reportedly able to subdue Moody and handcuff him.

Moody was escorted to the Ardmore police officer’s patrol vehicle and Love County EMS was called to perform a medical evaluation on Moody.

While checking Moody’s vehicle, Atnip said two green metal ammunition containers were found in the rear floorboard. The exact amount of merchandise stolen was estimated at $748.73 after taxes. The merchandise was later returned to the Madill Atwoods store.

At 10:42 a.m. Love County EMS reportedly advised Atnip that Moody should be transported to the Ardmore Mercy Hospital to be checked further and Atnip followed the ambulance to the hospital.

“As I observed Moody, I noticed that he had slowed, slurred speed and his verbal responses were delayed consistent with that of someone that is intoxicated,” Atnip said, adding that he requested Moody be tested for blood alcohol levels.

Moody was admitted into the hospital for further medical care and will reportedly be arrested upon his release for the offenses of petit larceny, felony evading and resisting arrest.