Special event for a special day

Drew Butler

Once every four years we get the Summer Olympics, the presidential election — and a February 29. In honor of the special date, Central Park will be hosting a frog-themed Leap Day in the Park this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Tes Stewart, recreation director for Ardmore Parks and Recreation, said she wanted to create something special to celebrate the unique day.

“We only have Leap Day once every four years, so I wanted to come up with a special event that we could have,” Stewart said. “When you think about the word leap, of course frogs come to mind, so we’ll be be having several different frog-themed games and prizes.”

Games will include a bean bag toss onto lily pads, frog sack races, and frog jumping game. Live frog races are scheduled to be around 1 p.m., and anyone with a frog is encouraged bring along their amphibian friend to compete.

“We’re going to try to have frog races, but I’m not sure if anybody has any frogs this time of year,” Stewart said. “If you have a pet frog or if you can find a bullfrog, we’ll be starting the frog races at around 1 p.m.”

Kids will also be able to make a frog-themed craft item, and temporary frog tattoos will be available. A food truck will be at the event for anyone who wants to grab lunch.

“Saturday is supposed to be a really pretty day, so I hope a lot of people come out to have some fun,” Stewart said. “This isn’t something that’s going to happen every year, but I hope that we’ll be bringing it back in 2024 the next time February 29 rolls around.”