Taking a stand for gun rights: Carter County joins more than 20 Oklahoma counties as 'Second Amendment sanctuary’

Sierra Rains
File photo from the Carter County Sheriff's office.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant made the decision to join a growing list of Oklahoma counties making declarations as “Second Amendment sanctuaries” this week.

Since Feb. 12, 2019 more than 20 Oklahoma counties have adopted resolutions to impede the enforcement of gun control legislation perceived as Second Amendment violations, including Johnston and Marshall Counties.

“Since the happening in Virginia, there’s been a lot of interest. For the most part, people are wanting to know that their elected officials are going to stand behind the constitution and the Second Amendment as it’s written,” said Carter County District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord.

Bryant said a number of citizens had contacted him regarding the county’s status and over the course of the last week he began working with the Carter County Board of Commissioners and the area district attorney to draft a resolution.

In the document Bryant states his intentions to “oppose any and all infringements on the rights and liberties of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.”

Bryant further states that no public funds will be used to restrict the Second Amendment rights of citizens and no aid will be rendered to any federal, state or municipal agencies in the restriction of said rights.

“When I took office Dec. 1 of 2016, I swore to take the oath to defend the constitution and the Second Amendment is a part of that,” Bryant said. “The people know in Carter County that their sheriff is out there to defend the constitution on their behalf and it’s never been a question.”

The Carter County Board of Commissioners approved a letter of intent to support Bryant in naming Carter County as a “Second Amendment sanctuary county” on Monday, Feb. 25.

“I think especially here in southern Oklahoma, people want to know that their Second Amendment rights are being protected and that we’re aware of the concerns that are happening at the state level and the national level,” Alvord said. “Part of our oath is swearing to protect the state and the federal constitution. So it really wasn’t a stretch for us in that sense.”

Bryant said he appreciates the support he has received from the citizens and officials of Carter County and looks forward to continuing to uphold and defend citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

“This is just reaffirming the fact that we are doing this and I stand behind the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens of this county,” Bryant said.