Carter, Love County fire departments put out grass fire near gas plant

Sierra Rains

Several Carter and Love County fire departments rushed to put out a large grass fire Thursday as the fire began stretching towards a gas plant north of Ratliff City.

Bill Lawson with the Springer Fire Volunteer Department said his agency and others throughout the area received an “all page” call from the Fox-Graham Fire Department around 2:30 p.m.

“It didn’t get dangerously close or anything like that, but this is a work day so there are so many people on the fire departments that were at work,” Lawson said. “They went ahead and called an all page, which is them hollering for anybody they can get.”

Nearly every agency in the area had a brush truck and a tanker sent out to the area of the fire, near Convict Rd. By the time the Springer firefighters arrived on scene Lawson said the fire had died down quite a bit.

“There’s plenty of people here to tackle anything that might arise. From what I see, everything is under control. There’s still a few flare ups but nothing that the man power here can’t take care of,” Lawson said while on scene at around 4 p.m.

At the time, Lawson estimated that around 80 acres of grassland had burned. Criner Hills Volunteer Fire Department Chief Charles Campbell, who was also on scene, said the total damage was likely a little more than 100 acres.

Lawson said firefighters are unsure as to what may have caused the fire.

No structures were damaged and the firefighters prevented the fire from reaching the gas plant. “It was mostly grassland, trees didn’t ignite and burn or anything. It was the underbrush. No gigantic plains that you’d see from miles around or anything like that,” Lawson said.