Heroes with Hope seeking donations for new APD K-9 kennels

Sierra Rains
APD handlers and their K-9s received new identifying vests July, 2018 from American Nation Bank through Heroes with Hope. APD officer Cody Garrett and Lucky (left), officer Dylan Davis and Ragnar (center) and officer Jared Johnson and Boss (right) were presented with the new vests and patches by American Nation Bank Vice President Cathy Alexander (middle, left) and Heroes with Hope director Melissa Woolly (middle, right).

One lesser known facet of the Heroes with Hope of Southern Oklahoma Foundation includes caring for the K-9 officers of Carter County.

Each month the organization helps take care of the dog’s grooming and in the past, has provided the dogs with vests; but recently another need was recognized for the three K-9s at the Ardmore Police Department.

Heroes with Hope Executive Director Melissa Woolly said the nonprofit is seeking donations to help build each of the K-9s a new kennel. “We actually have a separate account just for canine care and we’re working on getting the funds to do that.”

Woolly said around $3,500 is still needed in order to begin building the new shelters.

“We’re just looking at building a different type of kennel and something a little more secure with a top on them and just restructuring them in a different style,” Woolly said. “The kennels they have now are portable kennels and they’re chain link.”

Woolly said the new kennels will be able to shield the dogs from hotter temperatures as the weather becomes warmer and also protect them from the cold. The new kennels will also be built with a cement floor, making it easier for the K-9 units to maintain a clean space.

“With the cement the cleanliness is going to be much easier because they’ll be able to just wash them, rinse them out versus having to have dirt on the bottom,” Woolly said. “So the cleanliness is going to be a lot better.”

Additionally, the added security of the new kennels will help keep the dogs safe in situations where they may want to get out, she said.

Donations can be made by contacting (580) 319-8571 or visiting the Heroes with Hope Facebook page.

“We’re always looking for people to get involved with Heroes with Hope and we want to reiterate everything that we receive here at Heroes with Hope goes right back into the community,” Woolly said.