Giving MORE: Trivia Night fundraiser draws record crowd

Drew Butler

The community came out in force Friday evening to attend the seventh annual Get Smart Trivia Night. The event raises money for the MORE Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships to Carter County public high school students from middle income families. Executive Director Roslyn Haile said the crowd this year was larger than ever with over 400 people in attendance. Though the final amount raised has not yet been calculated, Haile expects it to exceed the $25,000 raised in 2019.

“We originally set a cap at 50 tables of eight, but we just kept getting phone calls from people who wanted to come,” Haile said. “So we ended up adding four more tables and we filled 53.”

After finishing a dinner catered by Casa Romo, the trivia contest began. Tables competed against one another to correctly answer the most questions in eight rounds of trivia covering a range of topics such as movies, geography and sports.

This year the contest included two multimedia rounds. One round asked teams to identify a Netflix series from a snippet of theme song. The other asked for the brandname based off of corporate logos.

“I got really good feedback on those two rounds,” Haile said. “People seemed to really like the logos, and everyone ended up doing pretty well in that round. They also liked the idea of the theme songs but they didn’t like that it was limited to Netflix. Next year I think we’ll do something similar but not so specific.”

To help raise additional funds, teams looking for extra help were able to purchase up to 15 “mulligan stickers” which could be used on any question to be counted as a correct answer. Each round also began with an expert auction for teams to bid on an expert who could help answer all the questions correctly. Many of these experts were auctioned off for more than $1,000.

Haile believes the event was an overall hit, and she credits her board of directors for the success.

“The amount of time they spent bringing all this together is incredible,” Haile said. “They worked all day getting everything all set up and for months before that getting it put together. They are without a doubt the most giving, caring and hard working board I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

While the team from Riggs and Associates may have come in first place in the competition, Haile said the students benefiting from the all the money it raised will be the real winners.

“Trivia Night is really all about raising money for the kids of Carter County,” Haile said. “A successful event like this sure makes it easy to go out and finish up the scholarship application process. It gives us validation that people believe in what we do and why we do it. We’re looking forward to awarding many more scholarships for the 2020 graduates.”