Accepting new members: Clubhouse job fair set for next week

Drew Butler
The roof is in place at the new Clubhouse building, and the interior walls are starting to go up. The Clubhouse is projected to be open for business this summer.

The Clubhouse at Regional Park is getting closer to completion by the day. Next week the Parks Department will be hosting a job fair to hire employees so everyone will be trained and ready to go when the upcoming attraction opens its doors this summer.

Assistant Director Alicia Henry said the job fair will be held at City Hall in the third floor Commission Chambers from 10 to 2 on Wednesday, March 18.

“We want to shorten the hiring process,” Henry said. “The idea is for people to apply online at before coming to the job fair, but we do have some computers in the hallway they can use to apply onsite. They’ll come into the commission chambers and we’ll interview them onsite. If we decide to offer them a job, we’ll direct them to HR who will schedule all their testing.”

Henry said the job fair will focus on hiring for part-time positions like party hosts and ride attendants as well as positions for the Ardmore Community Water Park. She said those interested in putting in an application for the assistant manager and kitchen manager at the Clubhouse are also welcome to attend the job fair, but those positions will likely not be filled the day of the fair.

“Because those are management we probably won’t be hiring onsite, but people can still apply and come in and meet us that day to talk about the job and ask us questions,” Henry said.

She said the entire department is excited for the job fair because it’s a signal to the community that the Clubhouse will be opening in the near future.

“It’s really exciting for us because it shows everybody that the Clubhouse is really happening and it’s coming soon,” Henry said.

She said the construction of various elements and the Clubhouse facility itself is on target and going well.

“The adventure course and zip line has been completed and now they’re working on the go-kart track,” Henry said. “The tree houses are one of my favorite elements, and those are pretty much complete at this point. Now they are building the patio and walkway that goes up to them.”

She said the exterior walls of the Clubhouse are up as well as the roof. Now crews are working on the interior walls.

“Everything is happening really quickly and now we’re starting to focus on the details a little bit more,” Henry said. “Last week we were picking out umbrella colors and chairs and what arcade games will be coming.”