The right zone: Rezoned property to be used for new Good Shepherd Clinic

Drew Butler

Monday evening, Ardmore City Commissioners voted to approve an ordinance to rezone approximately 3.5 acres located on the corner of 3rd Ave. NW and A Street NW. The property, now zoned for public facilities and institutions, will be used by the Good Shepherd Community Clinic to build a new facility.

Benton Ray, managing partner of Good Shepherd, spoke during a public hearing prior to the vote. He said the clinic currently operates out of modular facilities located on rented land.

“For the last 10 years we’ve been in a smaller facility,” Ray said. “The property in question would be used to build a new state of the art medical and dental facility to better serve the community.”

One of the property’s neighbors spoke at the hearing to voice her opposition to the rezoning. She told commissioners she thought the streets would not be able to accommodate the increase in traffic a new clinic would bring.

Community Development Director Jessica Scott addressed the citizen’s concerns. She said the clinic averages 50 to 75 patients a day and will only be open weekdays during business hours. She believes this will not create undue amounts of traffic in the area. She also addressed a concern brought up earlier in the month at the planning commission meeting.

“At the planning commission hearing three people came and spoke against rezoning,” Scott said. “Street parking was one of the major concerns. As a health clinic it will be required to have it’s own parking lot, so people will actually park on the premises.”

All four commissioners in attendance voted to approve the rezoning ordinance. Commissioner Beth Windel was absent and therefore did not cast a vote.