Murray State College classes delayed, will transition online

Michael Smith
University Center of Southern Oklahoma in 2019. Classes offered at the campus by Murray State College and Southeastern Oklahoma State University will be delayed one week before moving online amid concerns over coronavirus.

Murray State College President Joy McDaniel said her school is in “uncharted waters” when she announced a delay for face-to-face classes after spring break. The decision comes days after a similar response by other colleges and universities in an effort to control the global coronavirus pandemic.

“This situation has grown more broad and complex daily, and we have been planning accordingly,” McDaniel said in a Tuesday statement.

Other school operations will continue on a modified basis. College employees will begin working remotely beginning next week. Dorms and food services at the Tishomingo campus will also resume as scheduled after spring break.

Students enrolled in MSC classrooms in Ardmore will also experience a delay. University Center of Southern Oklahoma President Peggy Maher confirmed MSC students at the Ardmore campus will begin online classes on Monday, March 30.

In-person classes offered by Southeastern Oklahoma State University were delayed late last week and students were also told to prepare for a transition to online. UCSO is scheduled to continue offering technology and internet access to students once the campus reopens as scheduled next week.

Maher said students enrolled in online classes will resume their coursework as scheduled after spring break.