Start your engines: Go-kart track one of the many features now completed at The Clubhouse

Drew Butler
The 840 foot go-kart track is one of many features now complete at The Clubhouse which is scheduled to open later this summer.

Construction at The Clubhouse is continuing on schedule and the family fun center is on track to open later this summer. Once complete, it will feature a zip line and challenge course, go-kart track, miniature golf course, tree houses, water wars, and an indoor video arcade.

Many of these features are already complete. The zip line and challenge course were finished as of December. The water wars feature is also ready to go and will be put into place closer to opening day. Now the go-kart track can also be added to the list of finished projects.

Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said the new track is 840-feet long. Workers are busy finishing up the garage which houses the go-karts and will be used for loading and unloading passengers. She said the first go-kart will likely be arriving sometime next month.

Ervin said many of the other elements are also getting close to completion. The miniature golf course is entirely laid out and all the concrete has been poured. Crews now need to install the greens and connect the water for the water features. The tree houses are also entirely finished except for the roofs, which still need to be installed. The city has sent out a request for proposal for the arcade games. Once all the bids are in, the city will select a company and move forward with game selection.

Ervin said last week’s rain may have slowed work slightly, but there was still plenty of activity going on inside the main building.

“The storms really didn’t slow us down too much,” Ervin said. “The crew was able to work on the inside of the building and electricians were here working on getting everything wired up.”

She said staffing is coming along nicely. In addition to selecting a general manager for the facility, they are also busy hiring for all of the other positions. Workers hired for the zip line and challenge course will begin training in May.

“Every time you look, there’s something new finished,” Ervin said. “We’re so excited to get everything ready to go and open up to the community.”