Davis Police Department investigating alleged police impersonator

Sierra Rains
The Davis Police Department is investigating a March 25 incident in which a resident was reportedly pulled over by a police impersonator. All DPD vehicles should be clearly marked like the one pictured.

The Davis Police Department is investigating an incident in which a resident was reportedly pulled over by a police impersonator.

At around 8:40 a.m. on March 25, Davis Chief of Police Danny Cooper said a resident reported being stopped by an individual driving a silver Dodge Durango with tinted windows and a single red and blue light mounted on the windshield.

Cooper said the two drivers were initially heading in opposite directions. However, the resident reported that the driver of the Durango made a u-turn and followed him all the way into town, pulling him over behind the Davis Chamber of Commerce on South 1st St.

“He did not ask for any identification or insurance verification or anything, just asked him where he was going,” Cooper said. “The guy said he was going to work and the person told him ‘No, you’re going home and if I see you out again, you’re going to jail’.”

The resident advised police that the person who had pulled him over was a heavy set white male with glasses, wearing dark clothing. The person described did not have a duty belt or a weapon.

“Apparently this guy was just wearing dark colored clothing and had something that was badge shaped, but the guy couldn’t tell if it was a badge or something else,” Cooper said.

Cooper said all Davis police officers will always be in uniform, which includes duty belts, and should be easily identifiable.

The Durango the suspect was driving was reportedly similar to the Durango units that the Davis Police Department uses. However, all DPD vehicles are clearly marked with identification on the side of the vehicle and the department does not operate any unmarked vehicles.

Cooper said anyone who is pulled over by someone they do not believe to be affiliated with the Davis Police Department should call 911 and advise dispatch of what is going on. The dispatcher will be able to tell you if the person behind you is an actual officer or not.

“If it doesn’t feel right, go to a well-lit or public area and call 911 so that they can let a person know and they can let them know if it is an officer behind them so they don’t think that they’re trying to run from them,” Cooper said.

The investigation is ongoing and no suspects have been identified at this time. “This is something that we take very seriously and will investigate to the fullest,” Cooper said.