Ardmore Mayor addresses pandemic

Drew Butler
Ardmore Mayor John Moore

According to information released by the Oklahoma State Department of Health on Thursday, Carter County has had no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 after Wednesday’s positive result. Ardmore Mayor John Moore wants to keep these cases down, and stressed the importance of maintaining social distancing. He dispelled rumors of a citywide lockdown and the implementation of travel permits Thursday.

“It’s very important that people get accurate information because there is a lot of stuff being said out there,” Moore said. “The city has been getting a bunch of calls, and I’ve been getting a bunch of calls asking about needing a permit to get around. We don’t have any plans to enact anything like a permit. We’re just asking everyone to do their part and not get out more than necessary.”

Moore also asked everyone to call friends and neighbors — especially those over the age of 65 — to check in on them and ask if they need any supplies.

“I think that’s very important because we have a lot of elderly people in town,” Moore said. “It doesn’t take too much if you’re going to be going to the store anyway to give them a call and see if they need something. Then get it for them and drop it off on their porch.”

Moore himself has been doing this, and he said everyone he has called has been so appreciative.

“I know it means a lot to them,” Moore said. “I’ve been calling a lot of seniors from my church, and they’re all so happy just to get a call from someone.”

Moore also encouraged the community to continue supporting local businesses and restaurants.

“I encourage everyone to get out there and go through the drive throughs and get curbside pickup from our restaurants,” Moore said. “They’re all going through this crisis, too, and we need to help support them as much as we can.”

Moore said over the past couple weeks he has been on conference calls with the city manager and other officials almost every day. They want to make sure they put the most effective policies in place to both protect and inform the citizens. They are currently working on ways to hold the next commission meeting while limiting the number of people present to less than 10.

“It worked out that we had our last meeting last week and we won’t have our next regularly scheduled meeting until the week after next,” Moore said. “We’re working to set it up in a way so that the entire commission won’t have to be there in person. I think when we hold the next one it will probably just be the mayor, the city manager, and the city clerk. The rest of the commissioners will be able to participate over the internet or phone.”

He said the meeting will still be broadcast over cable on Channel 56, and any citizens with business on the agenda will still be able to participate as long as the total number of people doesn’t go over 10.

“The main purpose of these meetings is to keep the public informed and let them participate,” Moore said. “I think as long as people keep up the social distancing we can all get through this lot quicker and get things back to normal.”