Teachers reaching students: Lincoln staff holds impromptu parade for students

Robby Short
Joshua Bowens, Josiah McCoo and Ryan McCoo play in their front yard after watching Lincoln Elementary School's teacher parade Thursday.

The sounds of honking horns and a convoy of cars more than 20 deep interrupted the afternoon quiet in some Ardmore neighborhoods Thursday.

Teachers from Ardmore’s Lincoln Elementary participated in a parade though the district Thursday to show their appreciation for the students as well as breaking up the monotony of the isolation.

A call went out to parents the night before instructing them to maintain distance during the parade, encouraging them to wave from their yards or porches.

Rev. Debra Davis-Bowen was babysitting three of her grandkids when the parade rolled through her neighborhood.

“It was great, it was great for the children, it was a pick-me-up,” Davis-Bowen said. “Even us adults got a kick out of it. Just knowing that the teachers were that thoughtful of the children, thinking of their students that are out of school.”

Davis-Bowen's three youngest grandchildren were playing in the yard as the parade passed. They continued to play well after the parade had ended.

“My oldest grandchildren, someone had called them about it, but they are way over on Washington, so they didn’t get to see it,” Davis-Bowen said. “The fact that the teachers are out here letting the students know that they care, that matters.”

Further down the street, even non-students got to enjoy the parade.

“It was great, I even honked with them. I didn’t get in the parade, but I sat out here and honked with them,” Bubba Samples said. “Any time anybody can do anything for anyone, it’s great. Even my wife has been kinda nice to me lately.”