Connecting with family

Drew Butler
GOTR BINGO encourages children and families to stay active and come up with creative ways to stay fit, stay positive and help their communities.

With public activities and events being canceled or postponed indefinitely, families and students have now found themselves at home together with a limited choice of activities for fitness and entertainment. Girls on the Run of Southern Oklahoma Council Director Erica Gay said their program is busy coming up with ideas to keep their girls — and the entire family — healthy, active and engaged.

“We’re just trying to be flexible,” Gay said. “We try to readjust, regroup, and keep moving forward just like we ask our girls to keep moving forward.”

GOTR has recently been sending out information to their girls via the internet and postal service for those who do not have access to the internet at home. Many of these resources and information are posted at as a source of ideas for everyone.

“There’s lots of resources with great ideas already out there, It’s just a matter of finding it online,” Gay said. “So one of the things we’ve done is start posting activities on our Facebook page with activities to do daily during the week.

These activities include: Make it Mondays, which offers easy crafting ideas, Try it Tuesdays, which offers healthy recipes, Workout Wednesdays, which offers a physical activity for the entire family, Thoughtful Thursdays, which offers ways for family to connect and show appreciation for one another, and Family Fun Fridays, which offers a craft or activity the entire family can enjoy.

Gay said Girls on the Run has also come up with a family bingo game. Instead of spelling out BINGO, players must fill out GOTR.

“It’s got all sorts of different activities and physical activities on the card,” Gay said. “It’s just a great way to connect with the people at your home in a positive way while continuing to stay active.”