Ardmore Pride:Athletes, band members, cheerleaders star in Noble Stadium mural

Drew Butler
Artist work on Noble Stadium’s new mural.

When students and athletes finally return to Ardmore High School, they might notice something different about Noble Stadium. What was once a blank wall on the stadium’s east side is now filled with depictions of runners, football players, cheerleaders and band members.

The new mural is courtesy of the Ardmore Beautification Council. Executive Director Julie Maher said the organization has a long history with Noble Stadium. When it was first built, ABC helped with all of the landscaping. Earlier this year the organization decided to come back with some new landscaping in honor of the state 5A and 6A track meet that was scheduled for May. Even though the meet has now been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ABC decided the project should continue.

“We thought it would be nice to improve the facility before the meet,” Maher said. “We really wanted to have something on the southeast corner of the stadium because that’s where the long jump and the high jump competitions would be.”

Maher said they planned out all the new landscaping, but there was still something missing.

“As we were walking around we saw the blank, gray concrete wall of the concession stand on the east side,” Maher said. “And we thought it would be really cool to have a mural there.”

Because the original plan was only for landscaping, they did not have the funds budgeted for a mural. Fortunately they were able to find sponsors willing to pay for the project.

Maher said the mural represents all the students and athletes — past, present and future — who call Noble Stadium home.

“Even though they aren’t going to be having the track tournament this year, they might host it next year,” Maher said. “We’re just helping out and doing our part to make the city more beautiful, and we want to help our community. We hope everyone loves the new mural as much as we do.”