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Davis Police Department continues to investigate report of police impersonator

Sierra Rains
The Davis Police Department is investigating a March 25 incident in which a resident was reportedly pulled over by a police impersonator. All DPD vehicles should be clearly marked like the vehicle pictured.

The Davis Police Department is continuing to investigate an incident in which a resident was reportedly pulled over by a police impersonator last week.

As of Friday, April 3, Davis Chief of Police Danny Cooper said the incident appears to have been an isolated incident with only one confirmed report so far. No suspects have been identified at this time.

“We could probably tell you how many silver Dodge Durangos there are in Davis though,” Cooper said.

The investigation stems from a March 25 incident in which a Davis resident reported being stopped by an individual driving a silver Dodge Durango with tinted windows and a single red and blue light mounted on the windshield.

The resident advised police that the suspect, described as a heavy set white male with glasses, had told him to go home and threatened to take him to jail if he did not follow his orders.

The Durango the suspect was driving was reportedly similar to the Durango units the Davis Police Department uses. However, Cooper said all DPD vehicles are clearly marked with identification on the side and the department does not operate any unmarked vehicles.

Essential work papers are also not required to travel anywhere and officers will not be pulling individuals over for driving around or not being at home.

Cooper said all Davis police officers will be in uniform with a clearly visible badge and duty belt.

Anyone who is pulled over by someone they do not believe to be a police officer should drive to a well-lit or public area and call 911. The dispatcher will be able to tell you if the person behind you is an actual officer or not.

Individuals should also keep their doors locked and only roll down their window enough to communicate.

The Davis Police Department is continuing to investigate the incident to the fullest. For non-emergency situations, contact the Davis Police Department at (580) 369-3333.