Salvation Army Family Store closed

Drew Butler
The loading dock at The Salvation Army Family Store full of donations Tuesday afternoon. The store is closed until further notice because of precautions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They ask the public not to drop off any donations until they reopen because there is currently no staff on the premises to receive them.

The Salvation Army Family Store in Ardmore is asking the public to temporarily refrain from making clothing and household item donations until after the store reopens to the public. The store itself will be closed until at least April 30 at which point they can begin to accept new donations.

Captain Alan Grimes said people have been dropping their donations off at the loading dock on the south side of the facility. As there are no employees currently working in the store, these donations are creating a public hazard because some people have begun digging through the donation piles.

“Right now we are devoting all our time to trying to feed people and shelter the homeless,” Grimes said. “The people who are leaving donations at our dock are actually creating a mess that’s forcing us to divert time and energy to clean up the dock.”