Community prayer set for Friday

Drew Butler

Members of the community are asking the people of Ardmore and southern Oklahoma to come together in a time of prayer tomorrow, Friday, April 10 at noon. The prayer will ask God to put an end to COVID-19 and renew the nation’s economy. It will be broadcast live from three local radio stations—GTO 107, KKAJ and KTRX—and organizers are asking the community to join in from their homes and workplaces.

Prayer organizer Jeri McKenzie said she wants the prayer to bring people together to publicly ask for God’s help. The original intent was for community members to surround their local hospitals in a show of solidarity. Now that Ardmore has the stay in place resolution in effect, the plan has shifted and she asks everyone to join from their location.

“I have had this persistent thought that Christians in our community should gather together, publicly repent, and ask God to protect us against the coronavirus,” McKenzie said. “I know many are praying in the various churches and denominations, but I feel we need to come together outside of the church — in the public square. Make a public show of repentance and rededication to God so that when He moves, everyone will recognize and acknowledge that this is God’s hand that restored us.”

She said she hopes the prayer will not only put an end to the virus, but also spark a public revival.

“I hope Christians will move outside the church and stand for God’s values in the workplace and public square,” she said. “I hope that we will see a great move of the Holy Spirit and that many will be brought into the kingdom of God. America has been blessed because our founding fathers declared America to be ‘one nation under God.’ All have been blessed, even those who are not of the faith. I hope that God continues to bless us all.”