Candidates for Carter County office

Drew Butler

The filing period for Carter County elections, along with two special elections for Wilson City Council, took place this week. Kayelyn Clubb and Renee Bryant will be retaining their respective positions as county clerk and county court clerk as no one else filed for the offices. The remaining county positions will now run for election in the Republican primaries on June 30.

Bill Baker is running to retain his seat for county commissioner District 2 and he is being challenged by Steve Robinson. Chris Bryant is being challenged by John Robert Randolph III and Phillip Wolfenbarger for the position of sheriff.

In order to win the office, the candidate who receives the top number of votes must get more than 50% of all votes cast. If no candidate receives more than 50%, the two candidates who received the most votes will head into a runoff on August 25.

The City of Wilson will also be holding a special election on June 30 to fill two vacant seats on the city council. Rex L. Rutledge faces Bonie Kennedy for the position of Councilmember, Ward 1. The position of Councilmember, Ward 2 will be filled by Stan Harris as he was the only person to file for the position.