Soup’s back on

Drew Butler
Narcissie Aguilar, Cyndi Scott and Kristina Chaney of Casa Romo serve meals at the soup kitchen Monday evening. Casa Romo has volunteered to serve the soup every evening throughout the duration of the pandemic.

After a one week hiatus, the Ardmore soup kitchen began serving meals again on Monday evening. Manager Becca Glaser said the kitchen decided against serving meals last week because the majority of their volunteers are older and in the high risk category for contracting COVID-19.

“A lot of our volunteers are older, so it’s much harder on them to get out right now,” Glaser said. “The group that had volunteered last week were willing to go ahead and serve, but we decided to go ahead and close for the week to help keep everyone safe.”

Glaser said the soup kitchen committee immediately began bouncing around ideas about how they could reopen the facility, and that’s when Casa Romo stepped in to help. The restaurant has volunteered to prepare and serve the soup for the duration of the pandemic.

In order to keep the inside of the kitchen as clean as possible, they will be preparing grab and go meals for people to pick up in the parking lot. They will continue to serve from the parking lot until the pandemic has passed.

“Case Romo is cooking and serving our soups for us,” Glaser said. “They’re putting together a bag filled with crackers, cookies, silverware, napkins and a bottle of water, and everyone will get a container of soup. So we’ll be serving meals kind of like a drive through.”

Glaser said the soup kitchen typically only serves meals Monday through Friday, but the restaurant has volunteered to run the kitchen seven days a week. Glaser said the kitchen usually serves between 25 and 40 people a day, but that varies a bit based on the time of the month.

“The last couple of weeks we're doing from around 25 to 40 people a night,” Glaser said. “It really all just depends on the time of the month, but we are typically our busiest towards the end of the month.”