Order to go

Drew Butler

Even though restaurants are not currently serving meals on site, their kitchens are still open. While their dining rooms are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many restaurants across the state are getting creative with carry out options and even offering delivery straight from the kitchen. Caddo Street BBQ Company in Ardmore is one of the many local restaurants getting in on the trend.

Owner Stacey Sisemore said once customers phone in their order, they can choose from picking up their food inside, getting it delivered to their vehicle, or paying an additional $5 for delivery.

“People are certainly still welcome to come inside to pick up their order as long as we don’t have a large crowd all at once,” Sisemore said. “If they opt for the curbside, we’ll ask them what kind of car they’re driving. If we don’t see them when they pull up, they can give us a call, but most of the time we see them right away. Most of the time they have already paid over the phone, so we just walk them out their order.”

For the time being customers can even order alcoholic beverages with their meals since the ABLE Commission has temporarily relaxed restrictions. Sisemore said because her restaurant only serves beer and wine, not many customers have taken advantage of this new perk. However, she knows of several local eateries that have been quite successful selling their mixed drinks to go.

Caddo Street BBQ Company is currently open Wednesday through Saturday for lunch and Thursday through Saturday for dinner. Sisemore said the only thing that has changed since the pandemic began is they no longer serve lunch on Sundays.

“Our hours haven’t really changed too much, but we did stop serving on Sundays because we used to have a large church crowd from all of the downtown churches,” Sisemore said. “With them not having services, we saw a huge decline.”

Despite being open fewer hours in the week, Sisemore said Caddo Street BBQ is still going strong.

“Obviously we’ve seen a little bit of a decline in our business, but we’ve seemed to be staying pretty steady,” Sisemore said. “We’re very thankful for that.”