Going clubbing

Drew Butler
The go-kart track is one of the many features completed at The Clubhouse. Construction at the family fun center continues on schedule and the facility will likely be ready to open by early summer.

With every passing week The Clubhouse, Ardmore’s new family entertainment center, gets closer to opening day. Construction is going according to schedule, and the entire facility will likely be completed within the next couple of months.

Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said many of the elements of the facility are now either ready to go or in their final stages. Some of the latest completed areas include the go-kart track which now has tires in place and attached to the metal railing, and the crew is finishing up the multiple tree houses by installing the roofs.

With so many of the elements complete, finishing the main building is the current focus. The exterior is more or less complete, work begun on the parking lot, and Ervin said the interior is starting to take shape.

“The inside is really coming along,” Ervin said. “We’ve got the drywall installed, and you see where the redemption counter will be and where the kitchen is laid out.”

The main building will also contain party rooms and an arcade with 37 games. Ervin said they have named all of the party rooms and are currently working on the decor and incorporating images of Clubhouse mascot Rowdy the Raccoon.

Ervin said she hopes to get The Clubhouse open by sometime in June. All construction should be finished by that point, and the main issue would then be the COVID-19 pandemic. If everything goes according to the current proposed timeline for reopening the state, a June opening would be possible.

Because there are still so many unknowns about how the reopening process will go, Ervin said they have moved employee training dates from the original plan of early May.

“We’ve pushed back our training for the zip line and adventure courses, simply because I didn’t want to train individuals who wouldn't be able to work on their skills for a month or longer,” Ervin said. “So we’ve moved that back just a little bit, but we’re still very hopeful that we’ll be opening some time in June.”