Storms ahead

Drew Butler

Another round of thunderstorms will likely be moving into Southern Oklahoma late this afternoon. According to John Pike, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Norman, the Ardmore area has a 70% chance of storms with rain, strong winds and the potential for baseball-sized hail.

“During the early afternoon, the highest chances of storms are in North Central Oklahoma, and by late afternoon to the early evening it will be in the Ardmore area,” Pike said. “As far as severe weather goes, we’re looking at potential baseball-sized hail and straight line wind gusts of up to 60 to 80 miles per hour.”

He pointed out such large hail would be the worst-case scenario and some areas may not receive any hail at all. He also noted that the chance for tornadoes with the storm is quite low.

He said the storm is being formed because of an increase in moisture coming up from the gulf meeting a front of cooler air which will destabilize the atmosphere — the perfect ingredients for a springtime storm.

Pike said after the storms go through the area, the rest of the week is looking hot and dry with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average.

“The rest of the week is looking very hot and dry through the weekend,” Pike said. “By Friday it should be getting into the upper 80s in Ardmore, and some western parts of the state could even see the upper 90s.”

The next major chance of severe weather will come in late Sunday night into Monday morning. Pike said that system looks likely to affect areas in the state west of Interstate 35.