Binding the community together

Drew Butler

Two local nonprofits are joining together in a unique fundraiser with the hope that it benefits both literacy and the local environment.

In February, the Arbuckle Area Council of Scouts BSA and Ardmore Literacy Leadership will host an Arbuckle Book Trade where they will selling used books that might otherwise end up collecting dust on shelves or getting thrown into a local landfill.

The idea for the fundraiser came from Arbuckle Area Council Chickasaw District Executive James Tillison. Prior to working for Scouts BSA, he was a journalist in Iowa where he covered a similar event.

“Their chamber of commerce held the same event and it was fantastic,” Tillison said. “It promoted literacy and got books that would have otherwise been sent to a dumpster recycled back to people who could use them. It ended up raising a couple thousand dollars, so you can look at it from every standpoint and it was a phenomenal success.”

The scouts reached out to Ardmore Literacy Leadership because they saw the organization as a natural partner to co-sponsor the event. Executive Director Ari James said they will be in charge of running the book trade.

“We’ll be helping out with the adult side of the event,” James said. “We’ll be valuing the books, sorting them into age groups and counting the money while the scouts will be doing things like setting up tables and directing people where to go.”

In the time leading up to the book trade, the scouts will focus on collecting books for the sale. Anyone with books they would like to donate can drop them off at Arbuckle Area Council located at 411 Highway 142 in front of Ardmore Middle School. Event sponsorship opportunities are also available to offset costs associated with hosting the book sale.

The Arbuckle Book Trade will take place at the HFV Wilson Community Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, February 22. The proceeds raised will be divided between the two organizations and be used to fund local literacy programs and scouting opportunities.