Ardmore mother facing charges in relation to Wilson child sexual abuse case

Sierra Rains
The Daily Ardmoreite

 An Ardmore mother is facing felony charges for allegedly failing to protect her children from sexual abuse. 

The charges against the 28-year-old Ardmore woman stem from a Wilson Police Department investigation initiated in late May. After review of the information submitted by the department, the district attorney’s office filed charges for one count of child abuse and one count of child neglect against the mother on June 15. 

According to a police report from the Wilson Police Department, officers identified four possible victims of sexual abuse, all under the age of 16. 

After conducting forensic interviews with the three older children on June 3 and the primary suspect in the case, 61-year-old Dale Kroth of Wilson, on June 8, police took Dale Kroth into custody for allegedly engaging in lewd acts with minors. 

The mother was interviewed by Wilson police and a DHS case worker on June 8, according to the police report. During the interview, The mother stated that she had never seen Dale Kroth being inappropriate or sexual with the children, but that “she did not trust Dale (Kroth) to be alone with the kids”. 

According to the police report, Dale Kroth was convicted in a prior sexual abuse case involving minors in the late 1990’s and is a registered sex offender. Police reportedly questioned the mother on why she allowed Dale Kroth to be around her children with the knowledge of this previous conviction.

“The mother stated she never forgave or forgot what Dale (Kroth) did, but allowed him to be around her kids so she could maintain her relationship with her dad,” the police report read. 

During the forensic interviews with the children, one child reportedly recalled multiple situations in which Dale Kroth had allegedly exposed himself and inappropriately touched the victims. Another child stated that he had seen someone touch one of the alleged victims inappropriately. 

The mother initially told police during the June 8 interview that she did not believe what the children had said in the forensic interviews, according to the police report. However, later in the interview, the mother reportedly described an incident in which one of the children referred to Dale Kroth touching her privates. 

“(The mother) stated she did not call and report the incident because she scheduled an appointment with her primary physician to have them check (the child) to see if she had been sexually assaulted,” the police report read. 

During his interview, Dale Kroth reportedly denied touching the victims and the allegations made during the forensic interviews, but admitted to allegedly accidentally exposing himself to the children on four different occasions. 

Dale Kroth is currently being held at the Carter County jail with a $1 million bond for two felony counts of lewd or indecent acts to a child under 16. The mother was taken into custody on June 15 and later bailed out of jail for $1,000 that same day. 

A preliminary conference is scheduled for the mother on July 23. Dale Kroth is scheduled to appear in court on July 30.