Ardmore Mercy Hospital substance abuse withdrawal program taking patients again following temporary closure

Sierra Rains
The Daily Ardmoreite

After a temporary shut down due to Covid-19, Ardmore Mercy Hospital’s inpatient substance abuse withdrawal program is back in full service and ready to help those who may have relapsed or are suffering from addiction. 

The BreakThru Medical Withdrawal Management program, run by husband and wife team Kim and Herman Ford, provides a hospital environment for patients to safely go through withdrawal and recover from addiction while receiving round-the-clock supervision. Patients are provided with medications based on their condition to stabilize them during withdrawal and alleviate any complications. 

The program also offers long-term recovery management where patients are given an after-discharge plan and are followed-up with to ensure their general health, sobriety and levels of engagement in treatment programs. 

The hospital officially reopened BreakThru services earlier this month on June 4, Kim Ford said. 

Since the reopening, Ford said there has been a large influx of patients, some of whom relapsed during the pandemic. Typically, Ford said they try to service between 10 and 15 patients per month through the BreakThru program. 

After the first week of being open again, the program was already close to reaching that goal. Ford said relapse has been more common for those recovering from addiction during the pandemic due to the stress of losing jobs and social isolation. 

Medical professionals are also seeing an increase in the use of heroin, Ford said. “That could be due to a lot of doctor’s offices being closed during this time and possibly not being able to get a hold of opiates,” she said. 

During the temporary closure of the BreakThru program, Ford said she and her husband were still taking calls and working from home to ensure patients and those receiving long-term care were able to get the help they needed. 

“We would do screenings to assess the patient and see what needs that they might have before reopening if they needed that,” Ford said. “And of course support, if they were just calling for support or calling for a friend or a loved one, we were still able to get people referred over to other locations if need be.” 

The pair also has been going live on the BreakThru Substance Abuse at Mercy Hospital in Ardmore Facebook page each Monday to share advice on how to cope during the pandemic and in general, with topics such as last week’s video on redirecting toxic thoughts. 

While the BreakThru program is now fully reopened, Ford said health precautions are still being taken for the safety of staff and patients. 

To access services, patients should first call the office, at (580) 220-6089 to do a medical screening. Withdrawal management services are covered by most major insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid. Other financing options are available if needed.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction or substance abuse issues, contact BreakThru at Mercy Hospital at (580) 220-6089. 

“Always leave us a voicemail even if somebody doesn’t pick up,” Ford said. “We generally get back to the voicemail the same day or the next morning. A lot of times those calls are forwarded to our personal cell phones, so it’s always good to call the office.”