Chris Bryant answers questionnaire for Carter County Sheriff

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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Chris Bryant is running to retain the office of Carter County Sheriff against challengers John Randolph and Phillip Wolfenbarger. Because all candidates are Republican and there are no Democrat challengers, the winner of this election will be elected sheriff if he wins more than 50% of the vote. If no candidate wins more than 50%, a runoff election with the top two candidates will be scheduled for August 25. Only registered Republicans can vote in this election.

All three candidates were given the same series of four questions to answer with responses to be no longer than 100 worlds. Here are Bryant’s answers.

1. Why did you decide to run for sheriff?

It was the opportunity to continue making a difference. Few professions offer the type of job satisfaction you experience as sheriff, being able to wake up in the morning knowing you have the potential to make someone’s life better. It is a job that demands dedication and honesty because you not only work for county residents, you serve them. We have made tremendous strides during my tenure to bring the type of stability to the department it was known for under Ken Grace. While crime is down there is more work to be done. We can’t afford to move backwards.

2. What you bring to the job that your opponents cannot?

I am the only candidate who has served as sheriff. My life is law enforcement. I also have the right kind of experience to best serve the county. I have been a businessman and that is extremely important when working with budgets. I have been put in the position of a politician the last four years and have enjoyed working with county and state officials to benefit Carter County. I also bring accountability to the office. There are no shortcuts to being an effective leader for the county.

3. What do you hope to accomplish during your time in office?

I will continue to work with legislators and state leaders on issues we have with Prop 780. We cannot allow repeat offenders to prey on the hard-working residents of the county or react passively on illegal drugs. County residents have expressed how important their second amendment rights are and I will continue to fight against any infringement upon those rights. The bar toward excellence is high. You never stop trying to do a better job and I will continue making myself accessible to the concerns of county residents.

4. How do you see the sheriff’s department evolving in light of recent events calling for police reform?

In the sheriff’s department, we began to see things evolving on. Dec. 1, 2016. I took office to serve Carter County, not just a certain part of it. It starts with integrity which is the foundation for the department. Changes have been made and we will continue to work for all of Carter County.  We are constantly discussing ideas for community outreach. It is easy to get out during election time but you have to be willing to sustain the effort.  This is something I look forward to over the next four years with the help of a great department.