Bill Baker answers questionnaire for Carter County Commissioner District 2

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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Bill Baker is the current Carter County Commissioner for District 2, and he is running to defend his seat from challenger Steve Robinson. Early voting starts this morning, and election day will be on Tuesday, June 30. Because both candidates are Republican and there are no Democrat challengers, this election will determine who earns the seat. Only registered Republicans can vote in this election.

Both candidates were given the same series of four questions to answer with responses to be no longer than 100 worlds. Here are Baker’s answers to the questions.

1. What inspired you to run for the office of Carter County Commissioner for District 2?

I always had a respect for County Commissioners. It was instilled in me by my dad. Dad worked for a couple of different Commissioners, the last being Dale Ott. I grew up knowing Jack Tipton and Ty Phillips both from Jefferson County. When the seat came open four years ago I mentioned running to some of my family and friends who would be painfully honest with me. They all said that I should as they thought I posses the skill set required and disposition to do the job with honor and integrity.  

2. What can you bring to the job that your opponent cannot?

I have 3 1/2 years of experience as County Commissioner. I've worked hard to build relationships that will benefit the citizens of District 2 — from other County Commissioners and engineers to help troubleshoot issues, to venders using new technology in road building. I have a reputation for calling people back and listening to their concerns then taking steps to address that issue as the law allows. Lastly, I have the support of the employees of District 2, not because I ask, but because they ask how they could help. This speaks loudly to me, and I hope to the citizens.

3. What do you hope to accomplish during your time in office?

A) I met just last week with the engineers on the Stobtown Rd./ SOWC water line damage. They will be ready to submit the plans for repair to the insurance company soon.

B) The bridge project on Cargo Road is currently under construction. We plan to chip & seal that road sometime after the bridge is complete. 

C) I have plans to submit Prairie Valley Road for the CIRB program which would increase public safety and provide proper drainage on what is believed to be the busiest county maintained road in Carter County. 

 I'm committed to all of District 2.

4. Tax revenues are expected to be down during the next fiscal year due to the impact of COVID-19 and the drop in oil prices. How will you prioritize projects with limited resources?

We are at an advantage when compared to a lot of counties. All of our equipment is paid for so there are no payments to be made. With our current equipment maintenance program we are in good shape. This allows us to breath easier, so to speak, on the road maintenance side of things. All elected officials will have to be more conservative with spending. We will have to separate needs from wants and stretch our dollars. One thing that separates county government from state and federal government is we are not allowed to operate in the red.