Steve Robinson answers questionnaire for Carter County Commissioner District 2

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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Steve Robinson is running for for the seat of Carter County Commissioner for District 2 against incumbent Bill Baker.  Early voting starts this morning, and election day will be on Tuesday, June 30. Because both candidates are Republican and there are no Democrat challengers, this election will determine who earns the seat. Only registered Republicans can vote in this election.

Both candidates were given the same series of four questions to answer with responses to be no longer than 100 worlds. Here are Robinson’s answers to the questions.

1. What inspired you to run for the office of Carter County Commissioner for District 2?

My inspiration is a love for people! Several of my friends continually asked if I would run and after a year of contemplation, the conclusion. This is a way for me to serve the people! A new challenge indeed, that propelled further inquisition of key people in the community. Positive feedback, more inspiration, and two years later my name is on the ballot to serve the people!

2. What can you bring to the job that your opponent cannot?

My character! I have spent a lifetime in service to others and have concentrated my studies in the last several years of how to become a better servant leader. 

3. What do you hope to accomplish during your time in office?

I hope to accomplish a cohesiveness across county entities that will propel Carter County citizens to new heights of cooperation for all of our people. To represent District 2 with a passion for success and honor for our citizens.

4. Tax revenues are expected to be down during the next fiscal year due to the impact of COVID-19 and the drop in oil prices. How will you prioritize projects with limited resources?

The old saying of 'when times get hard things get rough' may be a reality during this shortfall. Basic necessities of life will be prioritized. Loss of revenue also means loss of jobs and family income. Utilizing resources conservatively and examining what can be held or redirected to support our people. Things can wait, life cannot!