Upcoming, ongoing construction projects building city's future

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Construction continues at the future location of Atwoods on Veterans Boulevard. Once completed the building will be over 60,000-square feet and sell farm and ranch supplies.

Construction projects for businesses, public facilities and private citizens are ongoing across Ardmore. While citizens are investing in upgrades to their homes, development is also underway for new shops and eateries and multiple public schools. The city also recently received construction plans for the upcoming Veterans Cemetery.

Community Development Director Jessica Scott said her office has stayed busy issuing construction projects both large and small.

“During the shutdown we had a lot of people who started fixing up their homes, and that really hasn’t slowed down any now that things are back open,” Scott said. 

Scott also discussed the construction currently underway at Burkes Outlet, Dairy Queen and Atwoods. Burkes and Dairy Queen will both be located in the Market Street shopping center, and the 60,000-square foot Atwoods facility will be located on Veterans Boulevard near Skateland.

Scott said she also recently received the design for the Veterans Cemetery which will be located on Myall Road near Commerce. Once complete, the 23-acre cemetery will have space for up to 32,000 plots. It will feature a large atrium for funeral services along with dedicated areas for every branch of the military including the recently formed Space Force.

“We just got the design for the Veterans Cemetery, so that plat will go before the planning commission next month,” Scott said. “The design is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of something like a presidential library because it’s so majestic.”

She also highlighted the ongoing construction at various public schools. A groundbreaking was recently held for the new performing arts center at Ardmore High School, and work is underway at the Plainview Early Childhood Center and Jefferson Elementary.

“I was just at Jefferson for an inspection, and it is absolutely beautiful. We already had the new Lincoln building and now with these other projects, it really shows how committed we are to our children and education.” Scott said. “When we take those and add in Veterans Cemetery, I think that speaks to who we are as a community. We love our veterans, we love our children and we love our citizens.”