Inspiring kindness: Heroes with Hope encourages children to perform kind acts throughout community

Sierra Rains
The Daily Ardmoreite
Heroes with Hope Executive Director Melissa Woolly explains the inspire kindness project in a Facebook video.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed up the normal routine for many, including children. Amid a stressful and often uncertain time, Heroes with Hope of Southern Oklahoma is seeking to inspire kindness among children in the local community. 

The project, which began about a week ago, will feature a different age group each week, stretching from five year olds all the way to 17 year olds, said Heroes with Hope Executive Director Melissa Woolly. Children are asked to complete any random act of kindness and then make a video explaining what they did. 

Though the project has had a slow start, more children appear to be taking interest. During the first week, featuring children ages five to eight, Woolly said a couple of girls made lemonade for their neighbors and another group of girls made iced tea for some workers that were working out in the heat. 

“Each week we are going to change the age group and we’re going to try and continue this for several months to come,” Woolly said. “If your child doesn’t fall within the age group this week then just stay connected and keep an eye out. Stay on our Facebook and just keep watching for your child’s particular age group.”

The children are asked to submit the videos in the comments of a video detailing the project that can be found on the Heroes with Hope of Southern Oklahoma Facebook page. At the end of each week, the videos will be reviewed and children will be selected at random to receive a prize. 

Woolly said there will be age appropriate prizes provided each week, with the younger age groups so far receiving items like bicycles, art sets, board games, baby dolls and make-up sets. 

“If I had it my way we would pick absolutely everyone. Depending on how many we have turned in, we may just have to randomly pick some kids, but we’re definitely going to do all that we can,” Woolly said. “The prizes are just to encourage them and let them know that we appreciate them doing something for their community and to encourage them to continue that.”

Children from the first age group were selected for prizes this weekend and the second age group, including ages nine to 13, will be able to enter beginning next week. Children can do “anything you can dream of” when it comes to kind acts, Woolly said. 

“We’re definitely excited to see what all the kids have come up with,” Woolly said. “We just wanted to do something to inspire kindness in our world with everything that’s going on and we know that a lot of these kids are staying at home.”