Downtown BancFirst undergoing complete renovation

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Crews work inside the east side of the BancFirst building in downtown Ardmore. The interior of the building is currently undergoing a complete remodel.

The downtown branch of BancFirst in Ardmore is currently undergoing a complete renovation expected to last through the end of 2021. Once completed, the majority of the bank’s departments will be located on the first floor and the new offices will be equipped with smart capabilities.

Executive Vice President Sally Reser Cumpton said the project has been in the planning stages for several years. This will be the first major renovation since the bank was completed in 1976.

“We started the planning stages back in 2015,” Cumpton said. “By the end of 2019 we got to the point where we had finalized the plans, and we started the work this year in January.”

Cumpton said the first stages of the renovation began on the exterior of the building when they built an ADA accessible ramp on the west side of the building. Now, crews are working on the interior of the building. Staff is currently working on the west side of the first floor while the crew works on remodeling the east side. When the east side is finished, the staff will all move to the west side until the entire first floor is complete.

Cumpton said the finished remodel will include a new heat and air system, LED lighting, and strips of offices down the center and south side of the building. The completed remodel will allow all but two departments to be located on the first floor and the majority of the second and third floor will be open for tenants. 

“Having everybody on the same floor brings your team together, gives you more face time with clients, and helps everyone with efficiency,” Cumpton said.

The new offices will be made of components that can easily be switched or adjusted in the future to meet the needs of the moment. For example, Cumpton's office is a mock-up of what the completed offices will look like and it contains two white boards that can be changed out. Her office also contains a television screen that will be wired to her computer.

“This will be really helpful for our customer service representatives if they’re helping a customer with something like online banking,” said Crumpton, who also works as a customer service officer. “They’ll be able to mirror their computer screen onto the TV, so our customers can visualize it and try it out right there in the office.”

The staircase going from the lobby to the second floor at BankFirst has been removed, and the crew will soon pour concrete over the second floor landing. The completed second floor will be a mixture of hardwood and carpet.